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What We Do and Who We Are

by Captain Gina
Richard and I kickstarted Lagooner Fishing almost thirty years ago. We set up the idea of giving people an outdoor experience centered around the local lagoons and waterways we frolicked on. Therefore, we decided to open a deep sea fishing charter and inshore fishing charter service to share with local residents and visitors.

Our lives together have always centered around an outdoor activity. Early on, Richard’s passion for fishing quickly encompassed me. Spending time together, without distractions gave us an opportunity to talk and interact while having fun. My transformation was easy, I’ve always felt comfortable with his abilities to show me a great, safe time in our everyday adventures.

Before we married in 1990, Richard and I spent long nights fishing under the Sebastian Inlet bridge for snook. One of our favorite activities was canoeing and fishing in the Banana River’s No-Motor-Zone. At that time we had little money, and fishing was an excellent dating opportunity. Movies and dinner-dates were rarely discussed or executed.

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We coined the name “Lagooner” as a moniker for people that have a passion for the expansive lagoons around our hometown. According to Richard, the definition of Lagooner is not where a person lives; a true Lagooner is a state of mind centered around the beautiful Lagoons on Florida’s coast. Anyone can become a Lagooner thru experience rather than proximity.

Our goal is to convert those of you who we meet into Lagooners by immersing you in an outdoor experience fishing on Florida’s coastal waters.

Captain Richard Bradley

Captain Richard Bradley

Fishing Guide

It wasn’t until I started sharing my experiences with others that I found true purpose.  Gina introduced me to my inward Lagooner thru experiencing countless fishing, surfing, and camping adventures together.  My life’s endeavor is to convert as many of you as possible while sharing an outdoor expedition on Florida’s coastal waters.

I’m Captain Richard Bradley, and I want to make a Lagooner out of you!
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Captain Gina Bradley

Captain Gina Bradley

Fishing Charter Coordinator

Our coastal waterways and area speak for themselves.  Let Captain Richard take you out for an outdoor adventure in one of our glorious lagoons or deep sea fishing off Cape Canaveral.  It is our desire that you’ll be transformed into a Lagooner for life.

I’m Captain Gina Bradley, I’m a Lagooner, Are you?
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