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Ask Captain Gina About A Fishing Charter Near You

by Captain Gina
Hi, I’m Captain Gina. If you search “fishing charter near me” and call Lagooner, it’s my voice you will hear on the other end of the line. I am a licensed Captain and qualified in every aspect to take people on Florida Fishing Trips. However, I leave that part up to my husband, renowned guide, Captain Richard Bradley. I am the one who will set up your fishing trip and make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure to check out the private fishing charters and trips we have to offer.

A Little Bit About Me

Growing up locally on Merritt Island my father worked for NASA and my mother was at home with seven children. My family was more into sports and not so much fishing. However, we did enjoy shrimping off the bridges and boy was that fun. Although you couldn’t get me to eat a shrimp for my life, I hated the looks of them! As a young teen, I ran ragged involved in many different sports. Out of high school, I continued my education along with working for a group of attorneys in Cocoa Beach.

Gina Featured in Outdoor Life Magazine:


A Little Bit About Us

It was not until I was twenty-one that I met Richard. He was the kind of guy that would holler across the road or out a car window to speak with someone he knew.  Never a dull moment with him, he had me hooked right from the beginning. Our first date was a picnic and fishing. I jumped right in and couldn’t wait for our following dates. I knew we would be on the water or pulling to the side of the road to cast a line. Richard kept a fishing rod in his car, that was somewhat unusual I thought.

Shortly after, we married. Then, a couple of years later we had our first child, Savannah then our second, Mekenzie. We were raising our girls with me at home handling the day to day of our business. I must say from early on our girls loved the outdoor adventures as much as we did. They were water bugs, swimming as infants. We camped every weekend possible, even if it meant a close by Jetty Park stay. Thus, allowing Richard to wake up in time to take his charter the next morning.

Surfing became a considerable part of our life as Savannah was a natural. Surf contest every weekend for years, and when we were not surfing, we were out fishing. Mekenzie was the envy of every boy in school. Once they saw pictures of fish, she caught and knew that Captain Richard was her dad.

In essence, we all love the outdoors. Our fishing charter business has always been our way of life. We are greatly blessed living at the beach, seeing the ocean every day. Fishing, surfing, camping, biking just about everything we do considers the outdoors.

Having Fun in Life

My favorite is fishing and surfing. There is something about slipping into my bikini jumping on the boat or into the water to surf. On board, I love the wind blowing through my hair as we race through the water. Tugging on a nice size fish, even if it’s a slower day I don’t care. It’s more about sharing time with those I enjoy. I absolutely love being out in the great wide open, letting my mind roam free and clear.

“Cindi Lauper summed it up in a song… Girls just want to have fun, and that’s me when I’m out fishing and surfing with my hubby or friends.” – Captain Gina

If you visit Florida, please look us up. You need to take a day on the water to relax. Let us help you leave the daily demands behind. Let your hair down, soak up some sunshine and you might even catch a fish!

Make this year the year you become a Lagooner!

Captain Gina
Lagooner Fishing

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