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Fishing Guide for Orlando, Cocoa Beach and Mosquito Lagoon

Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide

As a Native Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide with lifelong experience and abilities, I would enjoy the opportunity to take you fishing. Inspired by my father’s outdoor passion and mother’s love of people, it was natural for me to become a charter fishing captain. As a result, my earliest outdoor experiences conveyed an innate desire to share with others what I love to do.

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Early Adventures

My earliest adventures (like many of us) were in the backyard. Our canal-front home was a playground for adventure bordering the Ulamay Wildlife Refuge and direct access to the Banana River Lagoon and onward to Port Canaveral where my father took me in his deep sea fishing boat. As a result, I walked the seawalls before school in the morning, scrapping blue crabs off the seawalls and fishing. Before I was out of grade school, my father’s Jon boat gave me endless days of pleasure while he provided for our family.

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Risking sounding like a Mark Twain adventure, my fondest memories were spent fishing with my dad and friends. Dad’s real estate business afforded us annual vacations to the Florida Keys, Bahamas, Central America, and the Caribbean. Without a doubt, I lived a charmed life.

During high school, surfing took a front seat and dovetailed neatly into my lifestyle. The 1970s was indeed a great time-period to be young. Surfing eventually became my passion, and then an addiction.  My cousin invited me on a month-long expedition into the coastal jungle town of San Blas, Mexico. I’ve never gotten over the beauty of Mainland Mexico and the quality of surf. As a result, I take my family surfing each summer for several weeks to the same villages and towns. My oldest daughter Savannah has since moved to Australia with the surfing bug (imagine that).

College years, I combined surfing and fishing at Sebastian Inlet.  Many locals declared me a Sebastian Inlet Fishing Guide by night and a regular surfer at the park when the surf was up.

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Moving On

After college, I met my beautiful wife Captain Gina and fell in love. We spent a year dating and married in 1990. Struggling for an idea on how to make a career, Gina encouraged me to follow my passion and continue as an Orlando fishing guide. Throughout the nineties, I dabbled with the idea of selling real estate and became a broker. That decade was a personal battle between the outdoors and necktie, The outdoors won.

My earliest activities blossomed into a successful husband and wife business. We share the great outdoors where four family generations have resided in Central Florida before. Our customers often become life-long friends and neighbors. Let me share with you a small part of what I’ve experienced as a lifelong resident and Lagooner.

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Anything Outdoors

Fishing, Camping, Hiking or Canoeing. I simply would rather be outdoors.

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I've Always Surfed

Surfing Mainland Mexico with my daughter Mekenzie.

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Family & Friends

Raising Beautiful Girls and Spending Time with Family. 

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