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You might be on vacation or taking a day from work spending time on the water, with bragging rights you definitely want your photos to be top-notch.

Fishing photographs don’t need to be boring pictures of you holding dead carcasses. Photographing your catch is one of the pleasures of the outdoorsman. You get to brag about your catch and show proof of your day’s rewards, make it fun and exciting!

Captain Richard and I strive to display quality photographs of our customer’s and your catches on the lagoons and waterways around Central Florida. Several years ago we set the standard, and now other charter boat captains seem to be catching on. It thrills us seeing you get excited making great memories and creating unique photos.

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Fishing Photography Has Never Been So Fun

It’s always fun to bring home a photograph of your trophy fish or significant catch from your trip here in Florida.
During your fishing excursion, you’d better bring a camera to record the day’s events. More often than not you’ll be capturing a great win whether it’s that monster fish or bucket loads of quality fillets for table fare.
Marinas often have a “Catch Board” or “Kill Board” to showcase charter fishing catches before they hit the cleaning table. It’s become so popular now to “catch and release” fish that anglers bring a camera, weighing scale and or measuring tool so they can get a mount from the taxidermist. Your quality photograph during the heat of the moment is always better than a dead fish picture on the cleaning table.

“Digital photography has revolutionized your ability to show off your catches,” says Captain Richard… “Many of you on the boat take photos of your fish and immediately send to friends and family to share the experience and show them what they missed.
Often, this is your way to ‘rub it in’ showing those who missed out on a great fishing trip because they opted to stay home or back at the hotel.
It’s a hoot! I think the iPhone makes things like this even better and has already brought in live video to the picture.”
Nowadays taking a photograph and displaying it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat is the popular thing to do too, but getting a fish mount done and a photograph of you holding your catch is always the best way to keep the moment immortal in photos and plastic.

Four Tips for Taking Better Fishing Photographs:

Be Quick!

Take Photos immediately as soon as you land the fish.  It ensures the fish will have the best chance of surviving and the color of the fish is better before it hits the icebox rather than after. Don’t take the chances with dangerous fish, active fish and teeth make a terrible combination.

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Make it Attractive

Make sure the fish is displayed attractively. Don’t hold the fish in the gills and make sure the side of the fish is showing not the back or belly. Smaller fish need to be displayed without fingers blocking the beauty of the catch if possible pull fingers back to help display fish.

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Get Close

Get as close to the subject(s) as possible by eliminating the background and focusing on the subject (the angler and their catch). Tip: The lower the camera angle, the bigger the fish look. Always take your photos from eye level or below eye level with the fish and angler.

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Watch Lighting!

Watch your lighting: Put the sun at your back if at all possible and watch the shadows. Use a flash to illuminate the subject in the photo when possible. Discourage shadowing even in the daylight. Try to put the sun behind the subject or use an off-camera flash.

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