September 2018 Fishing Report | Hurricane Florence

Tough Week of Fishing with Hurricane Florence Offshore, Been Much Easier Inshore and for Snook and Fall Mullet Run.

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Fishing Report September 2018

September fishing can be an excellent month for fishing both inshore and offshore. However… (and that’s a big HOWEVER), Peak hurricane season can break up the fishing and send everything into a tailspin.


The Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River have been hosting the annual redfish spawn (often called the running of the bulls). For the experienced angler, this means searching for the schools when the sun is high enough to find them, then catching and releasing as many fish before the crowd shows. It’s an easy opportunity if you find the schools, but frustrating if not. The fall mullet run is pushing gobs of bait into the lagoons near Sebastian Inlet and the Mosquito Lagoon. There’s some great early morning fishing if you get on them early. Best bet, look for shoreline bait and throw your favorite artificials, if you’re energetic and understand live baiting techniques, utilize your knowledge.


Canaveral has been a challenge the last week or so with the large groundswell. There’s plenty of bait to be found nearshore, but water conditions offshore have been less than optimal. The water clarity is just now cleaning up as I’m writing this report and we still have tropical activity in the Atlantic. I did manage to catch a few tarpons and snook nearshore while Florence ground its way toward the Carolinas. I have a confession to make: I enjoyed a few days of surfing using the hurricane excuse for not working as much this week. Hope you’ll forgive me, Kowabunga! Now for the tip of the week: Snook will be a great target for anglers looking to score during the fall mullet run. If the beaches are calm enough the fall mullet run will provide the angler with some great action.

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