Deep Sea Fishing Report August 2018

Lagooner Fishing Offshore Report for August 2018

Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing Report – August 2018

I took a day to go fishing offshore of Port Canaveral a few years back and decided to repost this video as part of my Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing Report. The video may be a few years old, but the report is the same today.  Offshore fishing is enjoyable during August and kingfish along with a few other game fish make it attractive.

Our port Canaveral offshore fishing report is brought to you by Beach Marine Service Center out of Merritt Island where John Larson puts his customers interest above his own.  John’s been doing business in the Brevard County area for almost three decades, and his work shines on our boats and every customer he serves.f

Calm summer days are a constant during the later summer as the tropics rarely stir and the weather is smoking hot.  Kingfish are the talk of the port when boatloads of anglers bring in these extraordinary game fish.  It’s not uncommon to catch your limit in kingfish very quickly and move on to other species like cobia, barracuda, and bonito.  Harvesting red snapper is illegal, but the chances of hooking a nice snapper in the twenty-pound range are possible.  Look for open season weekends in early August for Red Snapper as the Federal Government opens them up from time-to-time.

Our Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing Report for August has supplemented our fried fish recipe that Captain Gina is famous for here locally.  “I simply can’t go out fishing without thinking about how I’m going to cook up a tasty meal for my friends and family” explains Captain Gina. “Not only is there an excellent fish bite going on out on the reefs and wrecks offshore, but the snack at home puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

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