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July 2019 Fishing Report for Port Canaveral

Saturday July 20, 2019

Mid-June Update

Afternoon showers have made for spectacular morning trips out of Canaveral this June.  Early rising anglers have found plenty of action with Kingfish, Jack Crevalle, and the occasional snook and cobia. Oh! Did I mention that we’ve scored on a few Mahi?

Look for both nearshore and offshore or deep sea fishing to remain consistent this summer out of Port Canaveral.


Mid-May Update

May usually brings calmer weather and milder temperatures as summer start to knock at the door.  This May has found me in the ocean on a regular basis out of Port Canaveral seeking sportsfishing opportunities on the local reefs and wrecks.  The cobia migration is over and the dorado (mahi mahi) are still making a small showing for those interested in a full day fishing adventure on calm days.

Kingfish or King Mackerel are almost a sure thing lately out of Canaveral.  We’re still waiting on the bait to make a showing so it’s slow trolling, drifting or anchoring with frozen bait until they make it our way.


Look for continued catches of king mackeral and mahi for the remainder of May and into June. 

The cobia continue this week with their annual migration northward.  Canaveral seems to be a regular stopping place during March and April as manta rays, sharks and other large marine animals gather along the coastline. 

Mid-April Update

April Cobia Madness has arrived and so have the cobia with plenty of manta rays. Sight fishing for cobia has always been a local favorite thing to do during the spring as waters approach 70° and the winds and sky cooperate.  Marshall and I had a great day of fishing in early April and he’s hooked on looking for the extraordinarily giant and graceful mantas with hitchhiking cobia.

John & Joan Taylor have been fishing with me for years and even in their later years have a passion for the outdoors.  I text with Joan several times a year about her Virginia Cavs and she always asks about Gina and the girls.

This year, we had a great time looking for cobia on manta rays and we’re going inshore tomorrow.

radio show catch a memory
capt gina spotted sea trout
Bait Pod off Port Canaveral, Florida

Tripletail have been the talk of the town lately on the coastal or nearshore waters off Port Canaveral.  It’s On Again – Off Again as the cold fronts roll thru and warm ups allow us to start seeing these good tasting and hard fighting fish to be targeted.  Almost every day this January that’s been makable and fishable have produced limits of these prehistoric looking fish.  James (below) had no problem hooking up and landing this remarkable sized tripletail while his beautiful wife Christine watched onboard the Lagooner.

With the Holidays behind us, Florida’s weather cooperated for us early this January.  Indian summer conditions are uncommon in central Florida during January, but when a stretch of calm, warm weather comes thru for a week, WATCH OUT! Cobia start popping up and tripletail become easy targets.  Several of my friends ventured deeper offshore, commercial fished for plenty of king mackerel and some blackfin tuna while we sightfished for cobia and concentrated on tripletail.

Offshore Fishing Fun

Normally, I don’t even bother fishing offshore during January or February and concentrate inshore on our abundant species in the local lagoons.  But knowing what happens offshore during calm winter conditions, I started up the deep sea fishing boat and took Gina on an exploratory morning mission to see if the cobia showed up and if the tripletail were making a showing.  We found our answer by bringing home both species and then photographing some extraordinary images of our day.

Mid-March Update

While we’ve had a week or so of mild, calm weather on the oceans, it appears as though the winter patterns of cold north winds will spoil our offshore fun and I will return to the lagoons and continue my daily winter activities inshore.

Captain Richard Bradley

Captain Richard Bradley

Charter Fishing Captain/Guide

As a husband and father of three incredible women, my life is definitely made whole. I’m a lifelong resident and third generation Floridian that enjoys the outdoors in recreation and my job. Not much gets better than taking my family, friends, and customers on fishing excursions on Florida’s east coast where I grew up for over five decades.

There is much for me to share about Port Canaveral and I enjoy writing about my experiences and knowledge of where I live. Please feel free to comment on my writings and express your views and experiences.

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