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Couples Fishing Together

A Decade of Friendship and Fishing Together

By Captain Richard 
What brings you happiness? Family, friends or maybe activities? For me, it’s always been a combination of all three. Dana brings his beautiful wife deep sea fishing near Orlando each year, and it always puts a smile on my face. It must be kind to them also because they keep coming back.

Taking couples fishing is one of my favorite things to do, but when they’re obviously in love, it’s pure joy. This year we participated in the Smiths 50th anniversary, it was their eleventh year fishing with us.

When I look back at all my trips with people over three decades, Dana and Sheila always come to mind. I suppose it’s because of the repetition, but I’d like to think that we indeed have developed a relationship that’s gone beyond fishing.

couples fishing
fishing couples

Sharing Times Together

Dana’s had the pleasure and pain of landing some quality fish, and Sheila’s provided me with loads of conversation and companionship while he fights big tarpon or tugs on larger fish. Don’t get me wrong; Sheila does not sit back and watch, she’s caught giant barracuda and smoker kings, to name a few on their many trips with me. Each year, we look forward to sharing time with Dana and Sheila on their visit. Remembering a few good meals on the docks at Grills Restaurant where I introduced Sheila to the unforgettable “Double O.” But nothing beats a home-cooked dinner seeing Gina and Sheila in the kitchen together preparing their fresh catch from the day.

Our countless memories started with a simple phone call years ago and continued today with over a decade of friendship. Dana and Sheila are much more than anglers on our boat they have become the friends we look forward to seeing every year.

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