A Summer Story

A Summer Story of Fishing July 2018 with the Shaws out of Port Canaveral

A Magical Day of Fishing

Our fishing charter guide, Captain Richard, was performing and expertly executing his trade before our very eyes. I’ve seen the great artist, talented musicians, and skilled workman, but we’d not imagined what we were in-store for today. We left the dock at Port Canaveral in the early morning dawn and set off on a nearshore fishing charter.

“Where are we going?” I asked like an excited child as soon as we idled toward the mouth of the port.
“I’m gonna scout for some live bait down the beach, it’s a little distance to where they’ve been, but getting good live bait is worth the effort and time if we are going fishing nearshore” replied Captain Richard.

Within minutes we were cruising down the shoreline with the salty morning breeze brushing our faces and our Captain keeping a keen eye out for signs of bait. It wasn’t long until he’d found what he was looking for and his sharp eyes and accomplished cast net skills captured hundreds of perfect live “pilchards” (as he’d call them) in one swift swing of the massive net. Bingo! In less than a minute an encompassing net throw, a brisk shake, the generous sized live well was black with live pilchards. He took a few minutes to tidy up the boat and baitwell while taking time to show us what we’d be using this morning.  “What a great fishing charter this is going to be”, I thought.

“This is going to be our ammunition today,” said the Captain, as he punched some buttons on his GPS and made his course away from the beach.” We’ll be needing most of these for chum and a few select ones for fishing.”

“Kevin, he makes this look easy,” I said to my husband as we coasted across the smooth ocean toward… well who knows where?
“Yeah, it’s nice to be in capable hands, with someone who knows their business,” he replied. “He’s been an Orlando fishing guide for many years.”

I haven’t seen Kevin this relaxed in quite some time, the responsibilities of life and the projects at home had been keeping us busy lately, a little too busy to be honest. This day was well needed and deserved, there were no timetables, no agendas and plenty of sunshine, the morning was quickly changing our attitudes, and I could see the corners of my husband’s mouth beginning to curl upwards. We needed a day off, and THIS is just what the doctor had ordered.


a summer story

 Kevin’s Summer Unwind

I had taken on the task of redecorating our home between jobs lately, and under Sharon’s direction, we managed to paint the whole interior and tidy things up. It was time, we had become “empty nesters,” the last couple of years and I wasn’t used to not having our son around to keep us occupied. When Sharon suggested a fishing trip, I was skeptical at first, but surprised by her enthusiasm when she mentioned going on a charter.

My beautiful wife slipped on her swimsuit at the house and literally turned into the giddy girl that I’d met over thirty years ago when we boarded the boat. Captain Richard put us at ease and began our day with the same excitement that our son had when we vacationed together. I knew it was going to be a good day.

“Kevin, some of the fish we will catch today are going to be pretty substantial, you’re probably going to have to help Sharon reel them.” Captain Richard explained.
“I’m up for it,” I replied. (not knowing what I was in for)

It took us seconds to get hooked up to multiple fish, then it was every man for himself. I was wondering if I was going to need help before the battle was over.

“Holy Cow!” These are big fish,” I yelled while struggling against the rod and reel. After we caught a few fish, our watchful Captain slowed things down to give us a break and clean the bloody deck of the boat.

“I told you the fish are big,” Captain Richard said with a grin. “You two did a great job, and you only lost a couple. Let’s catch a few more and relax a little bit near the port while fishing for kings and maybe a snook.”
“Sounds good to me,” I replied, wondering if I could handle another volley of large fish, but willing to try. We finished our beverages, the Captain quickly released some chum, and the battles ensued for the next thirty minutes, it was the most enjoyable torture that I’ve endured in years. I looked over at Sharon, and we both exchanged laughs while we were chided on by our taskmaster fishing guide.

“We don’t have all day! REEL!” The Captain bellowed out.
We quickly obeyed, and I couldn’t help but watch my middle-aged wife and her youthful composure while being pulled around the boat and proclaiming joyfully at the top of her lungs. “This is so much fun, when can we do this again? I love you, Kevin!”

Some of my fishing excursions change my life when I witness people enjoying themselves. The day I took Sharon & Kevin out for their nearshore fishing charter opened my eyes to how important it is for everyone to get away and change the scenery from time-to-time. We ALL need time away from the daily patterns of work, chores, and routine. I would be honored to take you, your loved ones and friends out for a day on the water for a welcomed distraction with me on The Lagooner.

Captain Richard Bradley
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