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Lady Fish, Poor Man’s Tarpon

One of our most common and easily caught species is ladyfish. You will be surprised when you hook into one of these little feisty fighters. Like the bluefish, the ladyfish is another species fun for kids or any angler to catch. Every year, millions of people come to vacation in Florida.  I take dozens of families, friends, and couples flats fishing when they vacation in our area because we are the closest fishing at Disney World and Orlando.

Catch Ladyfish on the Inshore Lagoons

I’m Captain Richard Bradley, and I’d love to take you and your family out on an inshore fishing charters adventure or ocean fishing trip.  It’s a great way to put a bookend to your week, dad’s love the outdoors and kids find the reality of our local lagoons and ocean a refreshing change from the fantasy of tomorrow land and the adventure of Frontier land. You can’t beat the value, and there’s no better way to enjoy our Florida sunshine.

One of our Most Common and Easily Caught Species is Ladyfish

Ladyfish are cousins to the larger (much larger) tarpon. They have some similarities to the tarpon but less exaggerated and smaller. I’m not sure what a terminal mouth means but the Florida Wildlife Commission biologist says they have one. Ladyfish have a slender body with small scales that come off very easily when boated. Their last dorsal ray is slightly elongated on a single dorsal. Ladyfish have a small pointed head and no teeth, but are feisty fighters and readily take artificial lures and baits.

INSHORE fish, in bays and estuaries; occasionally enters freshwater, occurring in tidal pools and canals; often forms large schools and harasses bait at the surface. We find ladyfish are abundant almost everywhere we fish from Ft Pierce Inlet to Mosquito Lagoon grass flats and dropoffs. You’ll often see them in large schools in the middle of the lagoon feeding on glass minnows and other small finfish.

Lady Fish, Poor Man’s Tarpon

Ladyfish spawn offshore and are a great species to target for fun. Kids love to catch and watch these beautiful and easily targeted fish.

Once hooked, these fish stay in the air more than the water. Cousin to the more massive tarpon, ladyfish are pound for pound as a skilled and aerobatic fighter as the silver king. While ladyfish are not as sought out as an enormous tarpon, they can be a pleasant surprise for an angler when fishing is slow. Try ladyfish on small fly casting equipment or ultra-light spinning tackle; you won’t regret this excellent Florida gamefish

Ladyfish Tip: Look for diving birds and splashing fish on the surface and you’ll often find ladyfish schooling in the Indian River Lagoon. Ladyfish chunks make great baits for other species as they produce a wonderfully fishy aroma that triggers feeding in many Florida gamefish. Florida Lady Fish Regulations


No limit or size regulation.

State Record
4 lbs., 10 ozs.

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