Mangrove Snapper

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Mangrove Snapper a Saltwater Gamefish

by Captain Gina
One of our fondest memories lies in the photo and video you see on this page. Taking our children fishing from an early age was a given. Any time dad had a day open these girls were tugging on our shirttails to make sure we were up and out the door early. Savannah and Mekenzie knew once summer came around we would be going to Sebastian where we fished for snook in the blue green waters.  Our girls loved going to Sebastian for the day. As young children, they could get out of the boat to fish, swim and play in the tide pool, and even catch a few waves.

This particular day we caught mangrove snapper one after another. The girls couldn’t get them in the boat fast enough! The pure joy and excitement you see are all that was needed to fill their love tank.

mangrove snapper fishing

After a great day on the water, we came home and cooked up the fish we caught. A delicious dinner surely topped off our evening and all the girls could talk about was going back the next day to find some more of those mangrove snappers!

We hope you enjoy the video, and maybe, Captain Richard will have the opportunity to get you and your family out on one of our inshore fishing charters in Florida.

 Mangrove Snapper, Gray Snapper

Juvenile mangrove snapper can be found around INSHORE tidal creeks, mangroves, and grass beds. Adults are generally found NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE on coral or rocky reefs.

Mangrove Snapper have dark brown or gray with reddish or orange spots in rows along the sides and a dark horizontal band from snout through the eye on young fish; two prominent canine teeth at the front of the upper jaw and the dorsal fins have dark or reddish borders with no dark spot on side underneath dorsal fin.


These snappers spawn June through August and feed on crustaceans and small fish.


10″ minimum size limit, five per angler per day. [regulations]

State Record
16 lbs., 8 ozs.

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