Lagooner Local

A Collection of Articles about East Central Florida
From a Historical and Geographic Perspective.

Beach Marine

Owner and operator John Larson is widely acknowledged among the region’s professional guides, tournament anglers, and other experienced boaters for both his technical expertise and his integrity.

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Recent History

Pre-Millenial Merritt Island and the Banana River Lagoon by Captain Richard Bradley County and City businessmen along with government officials lobbied for a change in Brevard County with the vision to bolster the economy and bring jobs in 1940. Their efforts brought...

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My Time Travels

Six decades show an unhealthy lifestyle leads to a grim future for our coastal inland waterways. Lifelong Resident and Fishing Guide, Captain Richard Bradley gives his Perspective.

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Dummett Cove

Douglas Dummett and His Castle Indian River Citrus Pioneer on North Merritt Island Almost every day I drive by the old Dummett property on north Merritt Island I conjure up thoughts of what it would have been like to pioneer Florida in the early 1800's. No roads, no...

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Thousand Islands

Central Florida’s Cocoa Beach hosts the beautiful and spectacular sibling watershed named the Banana River Lagoon with its thousand Islands. These natural and man-made spoil islands are immersed in salty brine, teaming with Florida gamefish and wildlife.

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ICW History

Running from Boston, southward along the Atlantic Seaboard and around the southern tip of Florida.  The ICW provides a navigable route along its length avoiding the hazards of travel on the open sea. I bet many of my friends and our Lagooner customers have no idea...

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