Annual Rigging Seminar

Annual Rigging Seminar

Each year I’m offered the opportunity to show anglers belonging to the CFOA “How To” instructions at their Annual Rigging Seminar. This year I will be providing advanced techniques in throwing large cast nets and an assortment of smaller ones.


The CFOA provides angling education and a forum to our members for promoting family participation and friendly activities while respecting the need to conserve our angling resources. They encourage and assist members by supporting sport fishing while expanding the knowledge of others. You can find members actively working with others to protect our angling resources in Florida and the Atlantic Coast.

Their goal is simple and effective, to promote camaraderie and friendships within the membership and provide real education for all anglers while encouraging active participation by all members in CFOA activities.

It’s only $50 per year for a family membership and is a great way to learn more about fishing and make some friends.

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