What You Need To Know For Booking A Fishing Charter

Once you have a time frame or date in mind you would like to go fishing, you can either book your trip online at our website or give me a call and I will get your trip set up for you.

With each of our trips, we provide your fishing license, up-to-date, well-maintained fishing equipment, supplies, bait, and tackle.

A hundred dollar deposit is required to reserve and hold the day for you. The balance of your trip will be due at the end of your trip. You can either pay the remainder by cash or credit card. If paying by credit card you will need to have the card with you to be swiped for payment. The deposit is non-refundable thirty days prior to your trip. If we have to cancel due to weather conditions, we will refund your deposit. Check out the weather summary below.

Make sure you have sunglasses (polarized is preferred), hat, non-slip shoes, and sunscreen. You will need to bring your own food and beverages for the day. You will want to stay well-hydrated being on the water. Beer is acceptable, but hard liquor is prohibited. Should anyone become intoxicated your trip will be terminated, you will be returned to the docks and payment in full will be required.

Booking online is fast and easy, each one of our pages has a “book online” button that takes you to either inshore or offshore fishing, choose the trip you prefer and follow the simple three steps.
Once you have booked, a receipt and itinerary will be sent to you through email. The night before your charter, Captain Richard will contact you between 7 PM and 8 PM. Make sure you have entered your mobile number when booking. He will text a pin to your smartphone with the location to meet him. You will meet him at a boat ramp, he will confirm the location and exact time. Typically the meeting time is 7 AM unless he discusses with you otherwise.

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 Making the Right Choice Creates Great Memories

Inshore fishing trips are on the inshore lagoons year round. Captain Richard moves around to different parts of the lagoons throughout the year. He chooses where to fish depending on conditions and what’s going on, most importantly he wants to provide you the best opportunity for the day you are fishing. These trips are most suited for one to two anglers, we will do a third angler as long as you realize the 18′ flats boat is a bit more crowded and you often end up having to take turns.

Offshore Deep Sea fishing trips in the ocean are mostly booked from March through September. When booking an ocean trip you should know that March, April, May we can have some pretty rough seas. Mother-nature plays a huge part in the decision making during these Spring months. Typically, June, July, August the ocean is flat calm. This is a great time of the year that many of the species run closer nearshore and usually a good time of the year for kids to experience a fun trip in the ocean. September is a transition month that the ocean can be a mix of calm and rough conditions. These trips are suited for three adult anglers or two adults and two kids.
Concerned about sea sickness? We recommend you take Dramamine or motion sickness medicine the evening before your trip as you are going to bed and then again when you get up in the morning.
If the ocean is not makable we will switch your trip to inshore fishing, we find most everyone wants to get in some fishing while here so it’s a great alternative.

Captain Richard is the one who will meet you at the docks and will be your captain for the day.

It’s Florida, if we listened to the weatherman we would never be working! Seems like that but you might see seventy percent chance of rain and it doesn’t rain until late in the afternoon. Captain Richard checks the weather daily and each morning when he rises. If there is a front moving through earlier, he will try to rearrange your charter by a few minutes or hours to accommodate for the day. We do our best to try and make a trip for you within the limits of providing a safe and enjoyable day. Ocean fishing has its margins with rough seas and wind conditions. As for inshore fishing, most of the year is makable but every now and then (more during the winter) we can have extreme winds that even prevent us from fishing the inshore waters.
You, your time and safety are important to us so we strive to make the right decision in getting you out on the water.

You are always welcome to call me, I still like talking with people and sometimes it’s easier to talk with you and help answer your questions right away! We realize you have a few logistics or details to work out in order to arrange a trip. That’s what I’m here for, to help in making your trip run smoothly.

Thank you for considering a fishing trip with us!
Captain Gina




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