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Rapala Inshore Fishing Lures

My earliest memories of fishing involved a Rapala Lure in my dad’s tackle box. At age ten, I was mesmerized by its wobbling action and the response of game fish. For this reason, the original floating model was my go-to lure for several years.  As a child, frequent bicycle rides to our local department store for a new lure was routine. In the 1960’s & 70’s, Rapala had not yet announced a saltwater series. The salty brine quickly took its toll on hooks and hardware, not to mention the powerful snook I targeted.

The unfortunate consequence of losing a lure while flats fishing was asking my parents for a replacement. However, the bright side was that dad saw fishing as a positive experience and opened his wallet often to reward me. Years later the X-Rap Saltwater Series would revolutionize my fishing.

It’s been over forty years since those backyard fishing excursions on the Banana River Lagoon. As a result, I’ve followed Rapala as they’ve advanced their products. Therefore I utilize many saltwater renditions as a professional Florida saltwater fishing guide today.

My favorite inshore Rapala lures include several colors and sizes of the Skitter Walk®. My anglers also use the unfair advantage of the X-Rap Saltwater Series depending on what conditions dictate. I prefer simple color combinations and patterns on my lures. Most of my guide friends believe presentation is more often important than color to get the bite. Honestly, Captain Gina picks the colors and Rapalas catch the fish.

X-Rap Changed My Fishing

These lures changed the way anglers fish. Rapala’s X-Rap® Saltwater series lures are extremely versatile and effective. Built and colored specifically for saltwater use, these lures will withstand a plethora of even the most aggressive saltwater beasts. Expert design and exclusive X-Rap technology give the angler complete control and allow the swimming action to be changed by simply changing the speed of the retrieve. With multiple lure designs and long-casting design, X-Rap Saltwater lures can be fished shallow or deep with a variety of different techniques.

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