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The most rewarding part of being one of the Mosquito Lagoon fishing guides is showing people the art and skill of sight fishing. While there are many ways to fish for a saltwater game fish, the Mosquito Lagoon offers bright, clean water allowing anglers to see fish either swimming, feeding or lying in the shallow water flats of the lagoon.

Captain Richard is a 30-year Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide veteran with generations of experience fishing in Florida.

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Full-Time Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide

Remember that sight fishing is just one method of fishing Mosquito Lagoon, just like bow hunting is one method of hunting. Redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon are often easily caught with traditional ways of fishing and can be just as rewarding and often more productive. When you call to set up your fishing trip with us, explain your fishing skills, and we’ll try our best to match skills with fishing methods. A good Mosquito Lagoon fishing guide will try his hardest to help his anglers catch fish and improve their fishing skills.

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