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Nearshore Fishing Cocoa Beach

Charter Fishing Port Canaveral Along The Coast

Nearshore Fishing, Cocoa Beach FishingNearshore fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities.  If you are interested in taking a Cocoa Beach fishing trip, then you will more than likely be buzzing along the shoreline in search of the many species that migrate closer to the coast.

Charter fishing Port Canaveral is a great way to experience what our East Coast shoreline holds regarding different species caught off Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral and Melbourne Beach.  Nearshore Fishing or Coastal Fishing is actually in the ocean and just off the beach where you will be in sight of or at a eyes distance of the many oceanfront condos.

We consider the summer months a great time of the year in which to find Coastal Fishing most prominent.  Several different species such as kingfish, jack crevalle, bonito, sharks, tarpon, and even spawning snook and redfish are closer to the shoreline. These trips are great for everyone. Coastal fishing typically provides much activity for the experienced angler to younger children.  Often, most everyone thinks of Deep Sea fishing; however, that's not always the answer especially when you can hook into some of the species that school closer to the seashore.  Go Cocoa Beach fishing, and you will be surprised how tugging on many of these fish can put a hurting on you and wear out your arms as you have never seen before.

"I love jumping on the boat knowing before we get too far there are all kinds of different fish I will be fighting.  A great day on the water I often remember is one summer day our daughter had her boyfriend out with us nearshore fishing; he reeled in five different species in a just a short time. We were back to the docks before noon, and oh boy, he had some of the best stories of his life to tell in just a simple morning of fishing." Come and join us charter fishing Port Canaveral nearshore and make some life stories of your own! - Capt. Gina


Great Barracuda

Great Barracuda Barracuda, Cuda, Bacarruda Great barracudas are large fish. Mature specimens are usually around 60?100 cm (24?39 in) in length and weigh 2.5?9.0 kg (5.5?19.8 lb). Exceptionally large specimens can exceed 1.5 m (4.9 ft) and weigh...


Red Drum, Puppy Drum, Channel Bass Known as a fish that will not quit, redfish can be absolute brutes. And as such, they have become one of the most sought after fish in the shallows of Florida. Since their protection in the mid-1980's redfish numbers have...

Tarpon Information

Tarpon, Sabalo, Silver King Tarpon have one single dorsal fin (the fin on the top) that extends into long filament. A tarpon's back is dark blue to green or greenish black, shading into bright silver on the side. Their color may vary and be brownish gold...

Black Drum

Black Drum Black Drum, Drum Fish, Drum Drum can be caught both inshore and offshore around Florida's east coast. The black drum is close to it's cousin the red drum but it's feeding habits are much less predatory as it's often too lazy to chase...


Bonito Little Tuny, False Albacore Atlantic bonito belong to a group which have the dorsal fins very near, or separated by a narrow interspace. Its body is completely scaled, with those scales in the pectoral fin area and the lateral line usually larger in...


KingFish King Mackerel, King Fish, Mackerel Scomberomorus cavalla Kingfish have colored iridescent bluish green on their backs with silvery sides a streamlined body and tapered heads. There is no black color on the front of dorsal fins and the lateral line...


Cobia Ling, Crab Eater, Lemon Fish Cobia is hard fighting, massive fish that never seem to give up the battle even after they're boated. Average size of this fish appears to be over 25 lbs with 35-40 lbs not uncommon. Brown to black colored with no teeth,...

Shark Information

Florida Coastal and Pelagic Sharks Florida has an abundant number of shark species along its coastline including the Blacktip Shark, Bonnethead Shark, Bull Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark, Lemon Shark, Nurse Shark and Tiger Shark. Each shark is unique in its...


Tripletail Triple Tail, Bouy Bass Little detail is provided about this species except that they appear to have three tails which are actually large anal and dorsal fins that drop back far and elongated along the body. Tripletail change color with their...

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle Jack, Jack Fish Jack Crevalle are a beautiful color of bluish-green to greenish-gold on their backs and have silvery or yellowish bellies. The Jack's soft dorsal and anal fins are almost identical in size and they have a prominent black spot...

Canaveral Bite

The East coast of Florida offers some of the best Deep Sea fishing opportunities. As you venture out of Port Canaveral further offshore into the deeper water you will encounter upon species such as snapper, grouper, sailfish and dolphin. For those of you...

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