Beach Marine Service Center

Central Florida's Premier Evinrude Dealer and Service Center
Serving Central Florida and Brevard County for nearly 30 years, Beach Marine Service is a Platinum Certified Evinrude dealer offering the full line of advanced E-TEC outboard engines, as well as expert service and rigging.

John Larson’s Extraordinary Outboard Abilities

I first met John in the early 1990’s on the boat ramp at Port Canaveral. We were both young, ambitious and good-looking, nothing has changed, except my boats and his location.

My early 80’s Evinrude outboard was giving me problems; John offered to help. I didn’t understand at the time why someone would provide expert assistance without regard to whom I was. Little did I know, this relationship would last over twenty-five years and many outboards he’s sold to me since. John is a talented mechanic with innate abilities, his honesty and integrity are evident.
John’s loyal business partner Maurine has been a constant companion of his from the beginning. Maurine holds the fort down, while John displays his brilliance keeping my outboards running. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without John’s Beach Marine Service Center behind me.

Integrity You Can Trust

Over the years, I’ve had my differences with John. I’ve never met anyone like him before. John’s confidence in his abilities and his tenacious work ethic are formidable. He doesn’t put up with my nonsense and never cuts corners.
“Richard, You have to do this before I put this new engine on your boat.” or “You can’t put that old prop on that boat, it won’t run properly.” It’s like arguing with God, for Pete’s sake. But he’s always correct, and I often pay for it when I don’t heed his advice.

In recent years, John has moved Beach Marine Service to Merritt Island. It’s a convenient location where I have routine maintenance and updates to my outboards. I’ve learned not to question John’s advice, and he’s learning how to put up with my inabilities as a backyard mechanic. Years of working together have taught me how to maintain my outboards and be diligent in my duties on my boats.
Our efforts have rewarded me with a great partner in my business and the best maintained Evinrude outboard watercraft on the Space Coast.

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