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Snook, Common Snook, Robalo

My earliest memories about snook were my father’s stories about being stationed in the Canal Zone in Panama. Eventually, My endeavors for snook fishing culminated during my college summers inshore fishing at Sebastian Inlet. For this reason, I resolved to follow my father’s younger passion for this prestigious Florida sport fishing saltwater game fish.

common snook
snook or rabalo

Long hours under the dimly lit Sebastian Inlet bridge at night rewarded me with expert abilities and success. As a result, I became a Sebastian Inlet fishing guide, spending years developing snook angling techniques.

Thirty-five years later, my passion for snook fishing hasn’t faded as I’ve aged. Methods and locations have evolved, but the fishery remains consistent throughout the years.

Night Drifting at Sebastian

Initially developed in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, drift fishing became popularized on the shoreline and bridge fenders. Sebastian shore anglers drift live baits and various jig patterns with the current. I became aware of this technique in 1979 after observing a lone fisherman catching his limit after midnight. Watching his success ignited my desire to equip and develop the skills needed to drift fish Sebastian Inlet.
Heavy restrictions and development of the Sebastian Inlet State Park changed the dynamic of nearshore fishing at the inlet. Bridge structures were closed and enforced by park officials, the era of boat drifting came as swiftly as the inlet currents.
The boat drifting at night has become very popular and dangerous. Accidents and injuries have become common each September when snook season opens. Over-zealous and inexperienced boaters throw caution to the wind making drift fishing a hazardous activity for participants. For this reason, I qualify anglers before booking night trips at Sebastian.


Back Country Mangroves

An alternative to fishing the inlet for snook is backcountry fishing Mosquito Lagoon along the mangrove shorelines. Beneath the mangroves lies a living world of sea life teaming with food for hungry game fish. Therefore, the right cast will get the strike from an ambushing snook, accuracy counts.

Methods of catching snook are too numerous to mention. However, we catch snook around structure, in the shallow water grass beds, and along the beaches.

2023 Fall Snook Season is Open

The 2023 Fall Snook Season opens September 1st and ends December 15th this year. Sebastian Inlet is one of Florida's premier snook fishing destinations. Book a snook fishing trip with Captain Richard Bradley of Lagooner Fishing.

For more information about snook fishing regulations and seasons go to the Florida Wildlife Commissions site.

There are 5 days of snook season left before the closure on December 15th, 2023.

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