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Sea trout are very abundant Florida sports fish in the Cocoa Beach area. Anglers from all over the United States and world come to Orlando to engage with our inshore gamefish anticipating a great time in the shallow lagoons near the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, on the Indian River Lagoon.

East Central Florida is home to the largest spotted seatrout in the world. After entanglement netting constitutionally banned in Florida, sea trout has rebounded back to healthy numbers and sizes that we haven’t seen since the early 1980’s. Seatrout is an aggressive fish that will strike anything from topwater artificials, spoons, jigs, live bait and various fly patterns.

INSHORE and NEARSHORE over grass, sand and sandy bottoms. Winter time fishing in deeper waters with well-defined thermoclines produce excessive numbers of fish. We find that seatrout stage close to their winter holes on the flats between cold spells. Live bait works great for winter trout as they are usually less aggressive and want to test the lures a lot before they commit to a strike. Recent winters have produced many trout more than thirty 30 inches, and we are looking forward to many more successful trout seasons ahead.

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Seatrout is often referred to as gator trout when they are large (over 6 pounds). Lagooner charters specialize in finding and catching large seatrout in shallow water areas. Here are some facts about these gamefish:

Matures during the first or second year and spawns INSHORE from March through November; often in association with seagrass beds; lives mainly in estuaries and moves only short distances; adults feed primarily on shrimp and small fish.

Sea Trout Regulations

Not less than 15″ or more than 20″ (statewide) except one fish over 20″ per person. 4 per harvester per day South Region 5 per angler per day N.E. and N.W. Regions.

Sea Trout State Record

15 lb 6 ozs.

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